Israel. Protests. President Isaac Herzog: The government should abandon the reform of the judicial system


Israeli President Isaac Herzog said on Thursday that the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should drop the proposed judicial reform in favor of a bill that enjoys broad public support.

“Most issues can be reached, not all, but the vast majority. It will certainly be enough to abandon the currently proposed legislation and introduce a discussion, a different model of reform in its place, the president said Israel Isaac Herzog in a televised speech.

They blocked the largest airport in the country, they wanted to disrupt the departure of the prime minister

Protests in IsraelABIR SULTAN/PAP/EPA

According to the leader, the proposed reform “undermines the democratic foundations of the state.” – It is inappropriate, predatory, undermines our democratic foundations. Therefore, it must be replaced by another set of laws agreed by all parties, the president noted and emphasized that “the ruling coalition and the opposition will be responsible for chaos in the country if they do not reach a broad agreement on the reform.”

Protests against the reform of the judiciary

The project of reforming the judiciary announced in early January by the government in Tel Aviv aroused strong opposition in Israeli society. According to critics, the reform is aimed at reducing the importance of the judiciary in favor of political power and threatens the democratic nature of the state.

Protests against the reform of the judicial system in IsraelABIR SULTAN/PAP/EPA

The draft reform assumes, among other things, increasing the government’s control over the election process of Supreme Court judges, as well as the possibility of repealing judgments of this court by a majority of 61 votes in the 120-member Knesset.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, on Thursday, protesters once again took to the streets of Israeli cities to protest against the reform. Demonstrators blocked Netanyahu’s road to Tel Aviv airport and the port itself, from where the Israeli prime minister was scheduled to fly to Rome in the morning.

Main photo source: ABIR SULTAN/PAP/EPA

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