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Israel. Ultimatum for Benjamin Netanyahu. Media about the split in the government

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As the authors of the reports argue, citing anonymous sources close to the head of the Ministry of Defense, the decision is to be announced in a few hours. This will mean that Benny Gantz will fulfill the ultimatum given earlier.

According to media information, Benjamin Netanyahu almost a month ago he heard from Minister Gantz demands to get involved “in implementing the agreed vision for the conflict in Gaza“. We're talking about determining who will manage the territory in a scenario where… Hamas will be defeated.

According to journalists, since then no moves have been made and no meetings have been organized among the government's constituent parties. In connection with the National Unity party led by Gantz will leave the government.

UN puts Israel on 'list of shame'

Benny Gantz's party leaving the government is not the only political problem that Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet must face. The United Nations informed about in writing Israel and Hamas on the so-called “list of shame”. The list includes countries that violate children's rights in armed conflicts.

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Decision UN caused huge outrage in Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a special statement that this is part of the “history blacklist”.

– Our defense forces it is the most moral army in the world and no delusional UN decision will change this, he emphasized.

Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, also commented on the matter, arguing that “is shocked and disgusted by this shameful decision“.

– This immoral decision will only help terrorists and reward Hamas. Now Hamas will make even greater use of schools and hospitals because this shameful decision by the Secretary General will give it hope for survival, prolong the war and prolong its suffering. Shame – he said.

Source: Times of Israel

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