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Israel. US aircraft carrier sent near Israel due to Iranian threats

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The United States responds to the growing risk of an attack on Israel from Tehran. The Americans sent the aircraft carrier USS Dwight Eisenhower to the waters of the Red Sea – this unit is capable of intercepting Iranian missiles and drones.

The American aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower appeared in the waters of the Red Sea near Israel on Friday. This unit would be able to intercept Iranian missiles and drones if Tehran followed through on its threats to attack Israeli military facilities, the Times of Israel reported.

The United States is moving “additional military resources” to the Middle East to “strengthen deterrence efforts there and increase the level of protection of U.S. forces,” Defense Department sources told Fox News.

USS Dwight D. EisenhowerVideo Media Studio Europe/Shutterstock

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Fears of an Iranian attack on Israel

According to the American station CBS News, which quoted authorities in Washington, Iran may launch attacks using dozens of precision missiles and over 100 drones on military facilities in Israel on Friday.

These announcements were confirmed by Javad Karimi Quddusi, a member of the Iranian parliament and member of the parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy. Quddusi announced in a message on the X platform that the attack on Israel will be carried out “in the coming hours” using Sejjil, Cheybar and Shahab missiles with a range of 1,000. up to 2.5 thousand km.

Any missile with a range of approximately 2,000 km, could be used to attack Israel from Iranian territory – noted the Iran International website.

Attack on the Iranian consulate and the announcement of retaliation

According to Tehran's announcement, this would be retaliation for the Israeli shelling of the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus on April 1. The strike likely killed more than a dozen people, including three senior Iranian commanders and four other officers who oversaw Tehran's covert operations in the Middle East region.

Israel did not admit to the attack, but did not deny the accusations of carrying it out.

Main photo source: Video Media Studio Europe/Shutterstock

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