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Israel. War cabinet in a bind, Benny Gantz leaves the government

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During the speech Benny Gantz recalled the ultimatum, which he presented to the Prime Minister. Until June 8 (Saturday) Benjamin Netanyahu was to present a comprehensive plan to end the hostilities in Gaza.

Due to the failure to fulfill these demands, the leader of National Unity together with seven other MPs left the war cabinet.

Israel. A split in Netanyahu's cabinet

The former military officer accused the prime minister of failing in the war against Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip and called for early elections, which – as he argues – will allow the election of a cabinet that will gain public trust and be able to face the challenges facing Israel.

– Serious, strategic decisions are made with hesitation and delay for political reasons, Gantz said, criticizing the latest moves of the Israeli government.

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The politician also apologized to the families of the hostages.

– We did a lot, but we failed the exam. We were unable to bring many hostages home. Responsibility also rests with me, concluded the former minister. AND called for early parliamentary elections.

Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu criticizes Gantz's decision

Despite leaving the government, the nationalist-religious coalition formed by Benjamin Netanyahu has the majority. LLikud's ider is supported by 64 out of 120 Knesset deputies.

This is not the time to leave the front – replied the Israeli prime minister. He assured that the entire country would fight until victory and “achieving war goals.” These include the release of hostages from the Gaza Strip and the elimination of Hamas.

– My door will remain open to any Zionist party that is ready to share the burden and help us achieve victory over our enemies and ensure the safety of our citizens, declared Benjamin Netanyahu.

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