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Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip. The sons of the Hamas leader are dead

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Isma'il Hanijja, former prime minister of the Palestinian Authority and currently one of the leaders of Hamas, announced the loss on Wednesday. He was then in Qatar, where visited wounded Palestinians treated in a hospital in Doha. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Haniya confirmed that three of his sons and several grandchildren died in a drone attack on the car in which the family was traveling.

– Today my three sons, Hazem, Amir and Mohammed, and some of my grandchildren they died a martyr's death – he said in an interview quoted by AFP. According to Al Jazeera, the car was located in the refugee camp Al-Shati in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas leader's sons killed in drone attack. Israel confirms

The death of the Hamas leader's sons was confirmed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Wednesday evening. In a statement on social media, it was said that the Israeli military killed “three Hamas agentswho were on their way to carry out terrorist activities.” AFP photos show Palestinians watching vehicle destroyed after a drone strike.

“The IDF confirms that these agents are Isma'il Haniji's three children,” it said in a statement, adding that they were members of Hamas' military wing.

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In an interview with Al Jazeera, Haniya revealed that he lost almost “60 members of your family”including grandchildren, nephews, nephews and cousins.

War in the Gaza Strip. Hamas will not back down from its demands

Despite the death of the leader's sons and grandchildren, Hamas does not intend to change its position.

– The occupiers believe that this will break the determination of our people, said Haniya. He declared it a fatal attack will not force Hamas to negotiate regarding a truce and the release of hostages.

– The blood of my children is not more precious than the blood of the Palestinian people, said Haniya, adding that Hamas will not back down from its demands.

The war in the Gaza Strip broke out after an attack by Hamas militants on October 7 on the territory of Israel, which the Palestinians consider to be the occupier. 1,170 people, mostly civilians, died in the massacre carried out on its inhabitants. In retaliation, the Israelis are bombing Palestinian targets – they have already killed almost 33,500. people, mainly women and children. They also make it difficult to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians – most of them are starving and hospitals are overcrowded.

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