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Israeli intelligence downplayed how Hamas members trained in the Gaza Strip

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The recordings obtained by CNN leave no doubt. The terrorists trained in bases that could easily be targeted by Israel, less than a kilometer from the border, if politicians and services remained vigilant.

A Hamas propaganda video shows horrifying details of preparations taking place right on Israel’s border. They preceded Saturday’s bloody attack. CNN’s analysis of video data suggests that six training bases have been established in the Gaza Strip. One of them was located only 720 meters from the heavily fortified border. In one of the camps, a fragment of the nearby border crossing was recreated along with elements of Israeli infrastructure. There was even a symbol of the Erez battalion on the building. The Hamas video shows a simulation of an attack on an Israeli base. Even taking prisoners and tying their hands is practiced. Satellite photos show that the base has been operational for a year and a half. In two other bases – located in the south of the Gaza Strip – paraglider attacks were practiced. Hamas conducted test takeoffs and landings there.

Smoke from Israeli shelling near the border with LebanonReuters

Israel’s passivity

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The recordings analyzed by CNN prove that the Israeli side was not interested in the activities of Hamas, which was training for an attack right under its nose. It turns out that over the last two years, Hamas training camps have expanded, taking over some of the surrounding farmland. In recent months, intensive training has been carried out in the camps. These reports raise questions about Israel’s passivity and how Hamas could train for so long, openly and without attracting anyone’s attention, almost under the eyes of the Israeli services, which failed to prevent the bloody attack on October 7.

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