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Israelis defend the freedom of the courts. There are numerous comparisons to changes in the judiciary in Poland

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We want to live in a democratic, law-abiding and modern country, say Israelis who have been protesting for 26 weeks against the changes in the judiciary pushed by Prime Minister Netanyahu. There are also comparisons, sometimes very vivid, to the situation in Poland, Turkey or Hungary.

According to The Jerusalem Post, protesters in Haifa, Israel, brought Polish sausage with them. It was intended to symbolize that, according to the demonstrators, the Israeli government is acting similarly to the Polish authorities: using salami tactics, bit by bit, it deprives its citizens of their democratic rights. Similar demonstrations took place over the weekend in 150 cities in Israel. Several hundred thousand people have protested for the 26th week in a row against the controversial judicial reform pushed by Netanyahu’s government. – I came to protest, as I have for the last 25 weeks, for Israel to remain a democracy, to save what we have created here in the last 75 years. For Israel to remain a modern and free country, an amazing place to live, says a participant in the protest.

Participants in the protests wondered how much they could trust Netanyahu, who announced that he would withdraw from the most controversial provisions of the reform. Israel’s prime minister, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, said he had thrown out the idea of ​​allowing parliament to overturn Supreme Court rulings. – I changed a few things right after the original proposal was presented. This override clause, where the parliament, the Knesset, can override decisions of the Supreme Court by a simple majority. I kicked her out,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu’s staunchest opponents say the government is now taking a step back, then two steps forward. Constitutionalist Suzie Navot calls the last six months in Israel “a Polish-style coup d’état, which is taking place in small steps.” Netanyahu has shown that he is unwilling to compromise or come to terms with the rest of the Israeli people. He wants to be a dictator. Like Orban in Hungary and Ergodan in Turkey. We’re going to stop him, we’re very determined. We are protesting for the 26th week in a row – says Roee Neuman from the organization “Kaplan Force”.

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Gebert: In Israel, the only safeguard against the arbitrariness of power is the Supreme CourtTVN24

Similar mechanisms

The aforementioned Hungary is mentioned in the same breath in the company of Poland. A well-known opponent of the government, the world-renowned Israeli physicist Shikma Bressler, wrote in a column for the Ha-Arec daily: “Before you know it, the country is left with an empty shell of democratic institutions, citizens lose their protection against government arbitrariness, and there is no way back to what This is how countries like Poland and Hungary have become modern dictatorships without firing a shot in recent years.”

“Unfortunately, the first thing I heard here from my friends at the institute was, half-jokingly, half-seriously, that we are actually moving towards Poland, and we don’t really want to,” explains Igor Kaczmarczyk, a scientist and graduate of the Israeli Weizman Institute. The announcements of easing the controversial reforms were criticized by Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition partner, Itamar Ben-Gewir. The far-right security minister, who has been convicted in the past of inciting racial hatred and supporting terrorism, stated that “you cannot succumb to the violence perpetrated by protesters.”

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