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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Israel’s war with Hamas. White House: Israel agreed to daily four-hour humanitarian pauses in fighting

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Israel has agreed to introduce a four-hour pause in fighting in the northern part of the Gaza Strip from Thursday to allow, among other things, the evacuation of civilians from these areas, said John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council (NSC).

– We understand that Israel will begin implementing four-hour blackouts in areas of northern Gaza each day, with an announcement three hours in advance. The Israelis have told us that there will be no military operations in these areas at this time and that this process begins today, the spokesman said during an online briefing on Thursday.

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Kirby suggested that the Israelis’ decision, as well as the creation of two humanitarian corridors allowing civilians to leave the fighting areas, is the result of discussions between President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. He assessed this as a “significant step forward”, adding that the interruptions could serve many purposes, including the evacuation of civilians, the provision of humanitarian aid and the release of hostages. He also stressed that Israel still has an obligation to fully comply with international law.

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The effects of the Israeli attack on the northern area of ​​the Gaza StripPAP/EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

Both Kirby and President Biden have ruled out the possibility of a broader ceasefire in the conflict. – No (chances). There is no such possibility, said the president on Thursday, detained by journalists on his way to the Marine One helicopter.

Kirby, meanwhile, emphasized that USA seeks in their diplomatic efforts to increase humanitarian aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip to 150 trucks every day. On Wednesday, 106 trucks arrived in Gaza.

Hamas attack on Israel PAP/Reuters – Maciej Zieliński

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

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