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It hasn't rained in places for 28 days. When will it rain?

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After a long break, Poland will experience rainfall on Saturday – in some regions the first rainfall in almost a month. As the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, Tomasz Wasilewski, explained on TVN24, they may not be enough to “water” the dried soil and plants. Is more rain in the forecast?

Additional events are expected in Poland on Saturday storms rainfall. As the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, Tomasz Wasilewski, explained in the program “You get up and the weekend”, they are unlikely to be enough to improve the hydrological situation – the rainfall will be local. This situation is very difficult because in many regions it has not rained for many weeks.

– There are places, such as the center and east of Poland, where it has not rained for almost a month – he explained, pointing to the map. – IN in Warsaw and Łódź we have 28 days without precipitation. The last time it rained heavily in central Poland was April 20, and it's May 18.

The situation is slightly better in the south and west of the country, where it rained almost two weeks ago. As Wasilewski added, the above statistics refer to rainfall exceeding one liter per square meter within 24 hours – although in some towns there was scant rain in the meantime, from the point of view of the soil and vegetation it was virtually unnoticeable.

The last significant rainfall in Poland, as of May 18tvnmeteo.pl

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When does it get worse?

The situation will partially change on Saturday. A storm located near the border between Germany and France, bringing with it huge rainfall, will be responsible for this. The associated occlusion front is moving over Poland, bringing storms and local rainfall.

– It should rain and thunder in the south and west – explained the presenter. – The rainfall here will be much smaller than where there is a low pressure. (…) Here, the rainfall will be spotty, not as intense as in Western Europe, but there is a chance that the low pressure arm moving north will bring rain.

We can expect more stable rainfall only in the middle of next week. Wasilewski said that the air circulation may then change and moisture-bearing lows will appear over Central Europe. This arrangement of barometric centers means a greater probability of long-lasting, more spread-out rainfall.

The emergency situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather situationTVN24

Main photo source: Shutterstock/tvnmeteo.pl

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