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It is already known which clubs will operate on the boulevards. One returns after a few years break

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After a four-year break, the Cud nad Wisłą restaurant returns to the Vistula River. In the coming summer seasons, Grunt i Woda and Wide Bars will also appear on the waterfront. The authorities of Warsaw announced the results of the tender for the development of the boulevards.

The Warsaw City Hall has settled a tender for the lease of land on the Vistula River in the section from the Landing Plate of the 3rd Infantry Division to the ks. J. Poniatowski. As reported, as every year, Vistula club cafes are to start together with the opening of the summer season – i.e. on May weekend.

The Office informed that three bids had been won. Three places known from previous seasons will appear on the Vistula Flotilla boulevard: Grunt i Woda, Wide Bars, and the Cud nad Wisłą, which was the attraction of this place for 10 years, returns to the landing plate after four years of absence.

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Cuban Culture Days in Cud nad Wisłątvn24

Lots of attractions and dancing in the open air

The town hall informed that unfortunately, no proposal for a location on the southern part of the Vistula Flotilla boulevard, located in the vicinity of the outdoor gym, appeared in the tender. In this place, the land manager wanted to create a space intended for the youngest users of the boulevards.

– The evaluation committee received eleven offers, we chose the best and most interesting. The atmosphere of afternoon meetings and evening dances in the open air, known from previous seasons, will be complemented by a number of cultural and recreational events – says Magdalena Młochowska, director-coordinator for green Warsaw at the capital city hall. – The unique atmosphere of the Wisła District will stay with us for the next few seasons! she added.

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In their offers, the premises offered various attractions, including: a diverse gastronomic offer, standups, open-air cinemas, meetings with authors of books, sports activities and tournaments, bicycle trips for seniors, street games: zośka, hopscotch and kendama, open-air painting for children, psychological help, and dance parties mentioned by the director Młochowska.

He returns after four years

It is worth recalling that Cud nad Wisłą disappeared from the city map in 2019 after the city was late in announcing the competition, and the conditions presented regarding noise reduction were unacceptable to the club owners at the time.

Dances in the open air in Cud nad WisłąMiracle on the Vistula

According to the city hall, also this season, each of the premises will be required to prepare an acoustic map, install sound-absorbing curtains and connect to the municipal noise monitoring system, which was introduced on the boulevards last season. The developed rules are the result of several years of cooperation with acousticians, noise measurement experts and residents, writes the town hall.

The winners of the tender will be able to stay on the leased land for up to seven seasons.

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