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It is not controversial in the West, but in Poland? Experts explain how the morning-after pill works

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After the government announced that the morning-after pill would be available without a prescription, ethical and political disputes about what the pill is have returned. Experts explain that the pill is not an abortion pill. Its purpose is to delay ovulation.

Many misconceptions occurred as soon as the Ministry of Health announced the abolition of the prescription for the morning-after pill. – Scaring people with this drug is probably part of the polarization of our society – says Ɓukasz Pietrzak, a pharmacist.

Experts remind that the morning-after pill is not an abortion pill. – They have absolutely nothing to do with abortifacient substances – emphasizes Patrycja Wonatowska, a sexologist and psychologist from the SEXEDPL Foundation.

Emergency contraception is designed to delay ovulation quite precisely. – A proven mechanism is to delay ovulation for up to 5 days – explains Pietrzak. Moreover, doctors also assure that there is no threat or risk to the existing pregnancy. – There are no tests that would show that the fetus is damaged or that the pregnancy will develop abnormally – says Dr. Anna Orawiec, gynecologist and author of the Doctor Ashtanga blog.

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There is no need to be afraid of side effects. – No significant, strong side effects have been observed with incidental use – points out Pietrzak. At most, you may experience nausea, spotting, abdominal pain or headaches.

The tablet does not impair fertility and does not upset a woman’s hormonal balance. – In a given cycle in which it is taken, it may be enough for the later onset of menstruation, but subsequent cycles will look normal – explains Dr. Anna Orawiec.

Izabela Leszczyna: We must ensure women’s dignityTVN24

The case of adolescent pregnancies

The tablet does not raise any controversy in the world. – Both the World Health Organization and the European Union recognize emergency contraception as a substance with a high safety profile, which is why it can be available without a prescription – says Dr. Michalina Drejza, gynecologist, member of the Polish Society of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

In Poland, the morning-after pill will be available without a prescription from the age of 15. – We can close our eyes and pretend that the problem of unwanted pregnancy does not concern underage girls, but the Minister of Health should not pretend that there is a different reality than the one – argued Izabela Leszczyna, Minister of Health.

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Especially since adolescent pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy. – Pregnancy in which complications may occur, such as miscarriages, premature births, pregnancy-induced hypertension or preeclampsia – points out Dr. Michalina Drejza.

The profit and loss account seems simple. – An unwanted pregnancy may have much more problematic consequences than taking the morning-after pill – emphasizes Dr. Anna Orawiec.

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