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Italy. A dog punctured tires in the town of Vastogirardi. The police caught him after 16 months

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Officers from Vastogirardi in Italy have been looking for the perpetrator of a series of tire punctures for over a year. Additional forces were involved in the investigation, the possibility of local disputes and an attempt to intimidate residents were taken into account. Meanwhile, the person responsible for the punctures in the tires turned out to be a dog suffering from gingivitis.

For the last 16 months, officers from the town of Vastogirardi in the province of Isernia, Italy, have been looking for the perpetrator of serial tire punctures that occurred in one of the local squares. Two additional Carabinieri units were involved in the investigation. The investigation did not rule out any leads. The following were taken into account, among others: the possibility of local scores, an attempt to intimidate residents, and the desire for revenge.

However, the officers’ actions did not bring any results. Plainclothes patrols by Carabinieri from nearby Agnone also turned out to be fruitless. Only when investigators from Isernia installed a network of cameras monitoring the square where the acts of vandalism occurred did they identify the person responsible for puncturing the tire, the website of the Italian daily “La Stampa” reported.

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The dog was puncturing the tires

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Analysis of surveillance recordings showed that the wheels of Vastogirardi residents’ cars were punctured by a dog named Billy under the cover of darkness. The pet’s owner, who had previously reported her car’s tires flat, was unaware of Billy’s nightly trips to the local square. However, in a conversation with the officers, she admitted that the animal had been suffering from gingivitis for some time. She added that as a result of the disease, he chewed various objects.

Now the woman will have to compensate the victims for the damage caused by the dog, but local media do not report how high the compensation will be. She was also obliged to prevent Billy’s further nocturnal trips – reports “La Stampa”.

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