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Italy. A young woman used a hair straightener on a train and blocked the train for 40 minutes

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Train traffic in the Rome area was blocked for several dozen minutes after a young woman decided to use a hair straightener in one of them. The smoke that started rising from it set off a fire alarm throughout the warehouse.

A train traveling from Grosseto in Tuscany to Rome during the morning rush hour suddenly stopped in the town of Maccarese near the Eternal City because a fire alarm went off. Initially, neither passengers nor train staff were able to determine what triggered the alarm. Technicians entered the wagons to look for the cause.

The train was parked in a field

It then turned out that the alarm was unknowingly triggered by a young woman who used a straightener to style her hair during the trip. Smoke began to rise from the heating device. It was picked up by sensors in the carriage.

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During the inspection, the train was standing in a field. Its stopping also blocked several other trains on this route, which caused train delays of up to 40 minutes.

Main photo source: Oliver Huitson/Shutterstock

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