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Italy. Accident in Rome, 5-year-old Manuel is dead. Passengers in the second car were to take part in an online challenge

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Manuel, 5, died on Wednesday after a car accident on the outskirts of Rome. His 3-year-old sister and 29-year-old mother were taken to Rome’s Sant’Eugenio Hospital in serious condition. Their car collided with a luxury SUV. His driver was supposed to take part in an online challenge to drive a car at high speed for 50 hours, according to La Repubblica. The details of the event are explained.

The accident happened on Wednesday at 15:45 at the intersection of via Archelao di Mileto and via di Macchia Saponara on the outskirts of Rome. There, a luxury Lamborghini SUV (driven by five internet creators) collided with each other and a Smart car, which Manuel’s mother used to drive children from kindergarten. A third vehicle was also involved in the collision, but neither the police nor local media gave details about it.

According to La Repubblica, the passengers of the SUV took part in an online challenge to drive for 50 hours in a row. They were supposed to be moving at great speed. The details of the challenge are shared on YouTube and Tik-Tok, the portal adds. The car was rented by them.

Accident on the outskirts of Rome, 5-year-old Manuel is dead

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As a result of the collision, 5-year-old Manuel suffered the most. Paramedics called to the scene found him in cardiac arrest. Despite cardiopulmonary resuscitation and immediate transport to the nearby Grassi Hospital, the boy died. His 3-year-old sister and 29-year-old mother were transported to Sant’Eugenio Hospital in serious condition.

The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, expressed his condolences to the family via social media. “I join in the grief of the relatives of the little boy who lost his life in today’s tragic accident in Casal Palocco. I hope that his mother and little sister recover quickly and that the police find out as soon as possible who is responsible for what happened,” he tweeted on Thursday.

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Reconstruction of events shows that a 20-year-old man was driving a rented sports SUV at the time of the accident. No traces of braking were found at the site. The driver was tested for the presence of drugs and alcohol in the body. The test was negative. Currently, investigators are determining the speed of the cars, and whether the rains falling in recent days could have influenced the course of the collision. Police also confiscated the phones of the passengers in the SUV to determine whether they were distracted by video recording at the time of the collision.

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Main photo source: Twitter/@repubblica

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