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Italy. An alarmingly high temperature. Due to the weather anomaly, the truffle harvesting season has been extended

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Truffles are extremely demanding mushrooms. In order for them to develop, appropriate temperature and soil conditions are necessary. It turns out that this year’s harvesting season has been significantly extended due to weather anomalies. In January, you can meet them more often and in larger numbers than in November, when traditionally the peak of their season falls.

In January, there are more truffles in Italy than in November, when the harvest is traditionally at its peak. This, experts explain, is the effect of weather anomalies that brought high temperatures in many parts of the country at the beginning of winter.

The harvest of truffles, unusual for this time of year, caused their prices to drop.

“If we have a November climate in January, it’s normal that there are more of these mushrooms now than two months ago, they just need the moisture of the terrain and the right air temperature,” said director of the national truffle research center Mauro Carbone.

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The influence of weather on agriculture

The head of the center, based in Alba in Piedmont, quoted by the daily La Stampa, pointed out that the harvest season should end on January 31 by law. As he noted, “it will actually take longer.”

– Undoubtedly, this is an unusual time of year, and it is an anachronism to imagine that in the coming years we will have a cold and rainy autumn from the beginning of October – said the expert. He stressed that “climate change has disrupted agricultural models around the world.” Therefore, in his view, it cannot be considered that this does not also apply to the harvesting of truffles. Therefore, he added that the calendar dates of the harvest set by the regulations should be changed.


Prices are going down

An Italian newspaper notes that while in November truffle pickers struggled to find specimens weighing 30-40 grams, now up to a kilogram of excellent quality truffles can be harvested in just a few days.

Prices are also falling. For 100 grams you now have to pay between 200 and 250 euros, while before Christmas, when demand is at its peak, the price was 600-700 euros.

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