Italy. Anticyclone Minos will bring extreme heat. Alarm for tourists


Temperatures up to 42-43 degrees Celsius is to bring the coming over Italy African anticyclone, which was named Minos. According to meteorologists, the heat will be hellish, and that is why the phenomenon that will bring it is named after the judge from Hell from Dante's “Divine Comedy”.

The first exceptionally severe heatwave of the summer across Italy will arrive at the beginning of the week, with peak temperatures above 40 degrees expected between Wednesday and Friday in the south: in Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia.

Italy. Heat alert. Ministry movement

Due to hot and humid air of subtropical origin, temperatures will be on average 8-10 degrees higher than the average for this period – explained on the website 34 degrees is expected in Rome and Florence from Tuesday, and in the following days it will be even hotter.

This means that the Ministry of Health will introduce it in these and many other Italian cities heat alarm. It comes with warnings to avoid being outdoors during the hottest times of the day. This applies primarily to the elderly, sick and children.

As noted in the media, warnings about a heat wave should reach foreign tourists visitors to Italy, because they are also particularly exposed to their effects during tiring visits to monuments and waiting in queues to enter them.

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