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Italy. Avalanche in the Alps, two tourists die

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An avalanche carried away two tourists in Italy. The incident occurred on Sunday around noon near the border with Switzerland. Both people died, and the body of one of the tourists was found in a nearby lake.

On Sunday around noon, rescuers from the Alpine rescue group received a dramatic report. Staff at a dam on Lake Toggia in northern Italy, near the border with Switzerland, reported an avalanche that came down nearby slopes and took two people with it.

The bodies of the victims were found

Dam guards went to the scene with specialized equipment, looking for signals transmitted by the climbers’ avalanche detectors, but to no avail. Despite difficult weather conditions – gusty winds were blowing in the high parts of the Alps – a helicopter was sent to the scene of the incident. A dog trained in rescue operations also helped in the search.

After a few hours, mountain rescue teams found the bodies of two tourists. One of the victims was found in a snowdrift, and the other was dragged by the element into the lake. According to rescuers, both victims were wearing snowshoes to help them move in the mountains. According to local media, the tourists came from Lombardy.

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Lake Toggia in winter – photo. illustrativechiakto/Shutterstock

Main photo source: chiakto/Shutterstock

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