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Italy. Ban on bringing your own food to the beaches, “no parmigiana”

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In many places in the Italian regions of Apulia and Lazio, in connection with Tuesday’s Ferragosto festival, there is a “parmigiana ban”, as the rules introduced there prohibit bringing food from home to the beaches for feasts organized on that day. Parmigiana, or eggplant casserole, is one of the typical dishes prepared for August 15.

The Italian tradition of the holiday, considered the culmination of the holidays, are picnics and big dinners, bringing food in thermal bags and tourist fridges. Among them, lasagne, cold pasta and rice salads, roasted meat, watermelons and melons reign supreme. Yes, families from Apulia, Lazio, Naples and the surrounding area spend this day feasting.

Prohibitions and controls

On numerous paid beaches, a ban on eating home-cooked food has been introduced. This is to protect the local gastronomy. On the other hand Italians by cooking at home, they defend themselves against high prices in restaurants, especially in seaside towns.

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Beach managers and owners have introduced various regulations to prevent food from being brought in. Some of them cannot be entered with tourist fridges, with roasting pans or cans of drinks, while others are not allowed to organize large feasts.

In connection with these bans, controls are also carried out on what is entered into.

– We are counting on well-behaved customers – such a statement of the beach manager is quoted by the daily “Il Messaggero”.

Moving restrictions from the mountains

Thus, the restrictions commonly used in the mountains, where it is forbidden to consume your own sandwiches in shelters, have been moved to the seaside.

On the beaches of Rome’s Ostia district, you can easily eat a slice of pizza or a sandwich, but no one will be let in with roasting pans and pots full of food or tourist tables.

No one has the right to confiscate the tablecloths with delicacies spread on the sand, but he can order them to be folded and end the feast.

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