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Italy. Chiara Ferragni and Balocco fined for misleading customers

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The Italian antitrust authority has imposed a fine of over one million euros on companies controlled by influencer Chiara Ferragni. Italian government chief Giorgia Meloni on Sunday criticized those who profit from misleading advertising, in an apparent reference to the recent antitrust sanction imposed on the country’s top influencer.

On Friday, Italy’s antitrust authority imposed a fine of more than one million euros on companies controlled by Ferragni. It comes as a result of an investigation into misrepresentation over last year’s Christmas cake advertisements.

Chiara FerragniMarechal Aurore/ABACA/PAP

Ferragni: the punishment is unfair

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Chiara Ferragni is a businesswoman and fashion influencer with almost 30 million followers on Instagram. She commented that the punishment was unfair and she would appeal against it.

Giorgia Meloni said that the real role models are not influencers.

– They earn a lot of money wearing clothes and showing bags or even promoting expensive cakes that make people believe that they are charitable (for free – ed.) – said the Prime Minister Italianwithout mentioning Ferragni directly.


The cake scandal. More fines

The antitrust authority also fined the cake manufacturer Balocco in the amount of PLN 420,000. euro. He said consumers were deceived into thinking that by buying the cakes they were helping to support a bone cancer charity at a hospital in Turin. Ferragni was to make donations for this purpose.

The regulatory authority reported that Balocco made a one-off payment of PLN 50,000. euros to the hospital, but several months before the Ferragni cake was launched on the market, so the sale of the product had no impact on the donation. Balocco did not agree with the regulator’s decision.

“We need to explain to young people that creating (Made in Italy) products is much more extraordinary than just showing them,” Meloni said in a speech on the last day of the festival for her right-wing Brothers of Italy party.

Main photo source: Marechal Aurore/ABACA/PAP

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