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Italy. Claudio Marini pretended to be a director and promised a career. Accused of sexual abuse

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The Italian prosecutor’s office demands a nine-year prison sentence for Claudio Marini, a 50-year-old man accused of sexually abusing at least 12 women under the age of 20, according to the Italian daily “La Repubblica”. The man was supposed to pose as a director to tempt women with promises of roles in his alleged productions.

According to Italian media, Claudio Marini introduced himself to young women as director Alex Bell and lured them with the promise of securing a career in film. He looked for his victims in Rome and Milan. Between October 2019 and July 2020, the 50-year-old allegedly sexually abused a total of 12 young women, all under 20.

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He pretended to be the director, invited him over

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In the case of all victims, Marini’s pattern of conduct was to be similar. Initially, the man was supposed to post advertisements for castings for film productions on the Internet. The 50-year-old promised young women the opportunity to make a career in Hollywood. To this end, he even went so far as to talk about Tom Cruise’s involvement in the production, according to “Corriere della Sera”. After establishing contact, he was to arrange auditions with aspiring actresses in fast food restaurants, where, as he explained, test scenes for the film would be shot.

Prosecutor Claudio De Cecilia, quoted by “La Repubblica”, shows that “after the scenes in the premises” Marini invited the victims to his home, explaining that further test scenes would be shot there. Once there, he “made them bare their upper bodies, kissed them on the mouth, hugged them and felt their breasts.” He also allegedly attempted sexual intercourse with some of them.

Arrested for sexual assault

Claudio Marini was temporarily arrested in the summer of 2020 after one of the victims filed a complaint of sexual assault, which launched an investigation into his case. His trial was postponed several times. because of the medical certificate he presented about lumbar pain.

Finally, on June 1, the Italian media reported that the prosecutor’s office had asked for Claudio Marini to be sentenced to nine years in prison. The man is also under separate proceedings for assaulting a 13th victim.

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Main photo source: Twitter/@repubblica

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