Italy, COVID-19. Expert: rearing its head again


Former director of prevention at the Ministry of Health in Rome, Gianni Rezza, warns of an increase in hospitalizations related to COVID-19. In his opinion, the ministerial data on the number of infections are underestimated, and during the holiday season there may be a double peak of cases, as there will also be a wave of influenza.

Infections coronavirus there are “quite a few”, as official data indicate. However, they are significantly underestimated, which can be seen by “looking around”, said Gianni Rezza, an Italian expert, professor at the University of San Raffaele in Milan and former director of prevention at the Ministry of Health in Rome, in the “La Stampa” daily. As he said, almost no one does tests anymore.

– We knew that with the arrival of real cold, COVID-19 would rear its head, just like all viruses that attack the respiratory tract – he added. – The important thing is that it does not cause too much damage – he emphasized.

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Increase in hospitalizations in Italy

He noted that the current omicron variant is less dangerous than, for example, delta, “but in weakened people, especially the elderly and with reduced immunity, it can still cause serious consequences when the protection provided by the vaccine has been lost.”

– We are currently seeing a slow increase in hospitalizations, but the situation may worsen if infections continue to increase and vaccinations do not start, explained Gianni Rezza. He recommended that weaker people use masks in crowded places.

In his opinion, the wave of flu cases will probably come after the holidays and then it may overlap with the peak of COVID-19 cases.

The latest data from the Ministry of Health from last week include approximately 45,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 235 deaths caused by it. Over 640 people infected with coronavirus are in hospitals.

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