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Italy. Deputy health minister: big concerts will not be canceled due to the increase in coronavirus infections

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A group of doctors called for a postponement of the Maneskin concert, which was to take place on Saturday in Rome. As they noted, the reason is the increase in the number of coronavirus infections. Currently, the country has over 100,000 of them daily. However, Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri said that the big concerts would not be canceled due to the pandemic situation.

Over 100,000 a day, the most in five months – this is the number of cases of infection coronavirus is noted recently in Italy. Pandemic data prompted some doctors to appeal to the world-famous Italian band Maneskin to postpone the concert at the ancient Circus Maximus stadium in Rome. The group’s performance scheduled for Saturday may attract up to 70,000 people.

Maneskin at this year’s Open’er FestivalTVN24

Encouragement to use masks

The Eternal City authorities have announced that there are no plans to move this much-anticipated event to another date. Representatives of the Ministry of Health encourage people who will participate in it to put on masks, preferably Ffp2.

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– It is not an obligation, but common sense dictates it – this is how Gianni Rezza, who heads the department of the so-called prevention in the ministry, justified the recommendation.

Maneskin during the concertShutterstock

Deputy Minister: we are not in the situation of July 2021

Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri said that “a concert of several thousand people means more spread of the virus, but we are not in the situation in July 2021 when fewer people were vaccinated.” – We are not dealing with such an aggressive variant [koronawirusa – przyp. red.] like a delta, he added.

– All these circumstances make the country safe – believes the deputy health minister.

In two weeks, he said, there will be a peak in infections, and then their number will start to decline. “The cancellation of the event is not being considered today,” said Sileri.

Coronavirus is not a thing of the past yet

Coronavirus is not a thing of the past yetPoland and the world

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