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Italy. Earthquake in Naples. Thousands of people are afraid to return home. We felt the earth moving under our feet

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Local authorities are calling for calm after Monday's earthquake in Italy, which required the evacuation of residents. Although the damage was minor, seismic activity raises concerns – it was recorded in the area of ​​Europe's largest supervolcano, the Phlegraean Fields.

A series of seismic shocks occurred near Naples on Monday evening. The strongest quake had a magnitude of 4.4, and about 150 aftershocks were recorded, felt in Naples and the nearby island of Procida. According to local media, it was the strongest seismic activity recorded in this area in 40 years.

Prison evacuation

No one was injured in the quakes, but damage was reported in the town of Pozzuoli – some buildings cracked and fragments of detached facades fell onto the streets. Despite the relatively small magnitude, panic broke out among the inhabitants. Hundreds of people in nearby towns were afraid to return to their homes and decided to spend the night in cars, tents or outdoors. Crowds also gathered on the waterfront.

– We left our house at midnight – said a resident of Solfatara. – We are used to earthquakes, but this was terrifying, the strongest in 40 years. We felt the earth moving under our feet, he reported.

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The authorities of the women's prison in Pozzuoli decided to temporarily transfer prisoners to other facilities. On Tuesday, a preventive evacuation of 140 women staying there took place.

Evacuation of the prison in PozzuoliPAP/EPA/CESARE ABBATE

A dangerous supervolcano

The fear of the inhabitants results from the fact that the tremors occur within the Phlegrean Fields, the caldera of the largest supervolcano in Europe. There is a huge lake of liquid magma beneath it. The city of Pozzuoli, where tremors have been particularly felt during several months of seismic activity, is located in the center of the volcanic area.

The mayor of Pozzuoli, Gigi Manzoni, appealed to the population to remain calm. He informed about the creation of groups of experts who will check the technical condition of buildings. On Tuesday, a decision was also made to temporarily close schools. The authorities have organized temporary stay centers for residents who are waiting for the condition of their homes to be checked.

Residents of Pozzuoli are afraid to return homePAP/EPA/CESARE ABBATE

Residents of Pozzuoli are afraid to return homePAP/EPA/CESARE ABBATE

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/CESARE ABBATE

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