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Italy. Giuseppe Verdi’s house for sale. The composer’s heirs could not come to an agreement

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The villa where Giuseppe Verdi spent the last half century of his life will be put up for sale. This decision was made by the composer’s heirs after more than 20 years of quarrels.

The residence is located in the small town of Sant’Agata di Villanova near Busseto, which is in turn halfway between Piacenza and Parma. The villa was erected in 1848, but the last works were finished only in 1880. Initially, the parents of Giuseppe Verdi lived in the building, who, together with his partner, later married Giuseppina Strepponi, moved there after their death in 1851. And he lived for another 50 years until the end of life. Author of, inter alia, “Aidy” and “La Traviata” had two children with their first wife, Margherita Barezzi, who died in 1840, but unfortunately they did not live to adulthood. The Carrara Verdi family, who now manages the property (and lives in the building), are descendants of Maria Filomena Verdi, the composer’s cousin brought up by him and Strepponi.

Villa VerdiHermes Images / AGF / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Four siblings have argued with each other over the past two decades over what to do with the villa. Neither could buy out the others, so eventually it would be sold – along with books, paintings, furniture, clothes, instruments and Verdi’s manuscripts. – It’s very sad, but it was just a matter of time. We could not reach an agreement, so the villa met such an unpleasant end – says Angiolo Carrara Verdi, quoted by the local newspaper “Liberta”, who has been running the museum building since 2010 (tourists can visit the garden and several rooms on the ground floor). He also adds that his famous relative wished the villa to be inhabited and lively. – I’ve lived here forever. It is my house. Hope anyone [kupi willę], will treat her the same way: like home. It can’t just become a cold museum, sighs Angiolo. It is not known, however, whether this is what will happen, because most likely an auction will take place, in which the Italian state will have the right of pre-emption. Details, including the starting price, will be announced by the Parma court at a later date.

Main photo source: Hermes Images / AGF / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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