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Italy. He found a newborn baby in a garbage can in the cold. Now he wants to keep it

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An abandoned newborn baby was found on Saturday in one of the garbage bins in Villanova Canavese near Turin. The baby was wrapped in a plastic bag and its umbilical cord was still uncut. His cries attracted the attention of 49-year-old Paolo Laforet. The man took the boy home and notified the services. Now, as he admits, he “wants to keep” the child.

Saturday evening in one of the dumpsters in the town of Villanova Canavese in… Italy Paolo Laforete found an abandoned newborn. The boy was wrapped in a plastic bag and there was also a placenta inside. The child had an uncut umbilical cord and was hypothermic, reports the “Torino Today” website.

The 49-year-old took the newborn to his apartment, wrapped him in blankets, and then immediately called the emergency services. The child was taken to a hospital in nearby Ciriè. Doctors diagnosed him with hypothermia – reports “Torino Today”. “For safety reasons” the boy was placed in an incubator, currently “his health condition is good, he weighs over three kilograms and for now there are no particular problems,” said Dr. Adalberto Brach, head of the pediatric department of the hospital in Ciriè, in an interview with the ANSA news agency .

The 49-year-old wants to keep the boy

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– It’s a real miracle! Doctors say that another ten minutes in the cold and the baby would not survive – commented on the discovery of the newborn, the head of the Piedmontese authorities, Alberto Cirio, who visited the child in the hospital on Monday. Speaking to “Torino Today”, the politician added that next week it will be possible to start the adoption process of little Lorenzo, as the boy was called. Paolo Laforet, the man who found the newborn, publicly expressed his readiness to take care of the boy.

The 49-year-old emphasized that although he is already the father of three children, “he is willing to keep the child.” – I have said it at least 200 times and I will continue to say it. I want to keep (Lorenzo) for the whole next year, or even for the next 20 years, he said in an interview with “Torino Today”. A police investigation was initiated into the boy’s abandonment. They are run by carabinieri from Venaria Reale, supervised by the prosecutor’s office in Ivrea.

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