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Italy. He rang the doorbell and asked for water because he “felt bad.” After a while he attacked

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An Italian couple was taken to hospital with serious injuries after being attacked by a man who asked to be let into his home under the pretext that he was “feeling unwell”. Italian media write about “scenes like in 'A Clockwork Orange'”, a violent film by Stanley Kubrick.

The incident occurred in the town of Nardò in the Italian region of Puglia on Sunday morning. The man rang the doorbell of the couple, aged 54 and 55, and then asked for water, explaining that he “felt bad.” After entering the house, he demanded money and jewelry. “When the couple refused, he started beating them with a blunt object, most likely a stick,” Rai News reported on Monday.

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The couple was severely beaten

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The homeowner suffered serious head and facial injuries. His wife, who intervened to defend her husband, was also beaten. They were both taken to a hospital in the city of Lecce. “Their condition is serious, but not life-threatening,” writes Rai News.

The police and carabinieri arrived at the scene of the attack and located the attacker within a few hours. According to the services, the 40-year-old man comes from the area and has a criminal past. Investigators gained access to surveillance recordings to precisely reconstruct the course of events.

Residents 'deeply shocked'

The Rai News website, reporting on Sunday's attack, writes about “scenes like in 'A Clockwork Orange'”, a violent film by Stanley Kubrick based on the novel by Anthony Burgess. In turn, the local news website lecceprima.it indicates that “the event deeply shocked Nardò, where on the same night several criminals blew up a cigarette vending machine” to steal money. A few days earlier, one person in this town of 30,000 people was stabbed.

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