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Italy. He threw his brother's head over the balcony. A gruesome crime in Pannarano

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Local police received a report on Wednesday evening about an exceptionally brutal murder that took place in the town of Pannarano in Italy. Investigators were notified by the perpetrator himself, Benito Miarelli. Earlier, the 59-year-old stabbed his brother Annibale and decapitated him. Investigations are underway to establish the motive for the crime, reports “La Stampa”. The brothers were said to have been in a dispute for some time.

In Pannarano – a town about 50 kilometers from Naples – a macabre crime took place on Wednesday evening. 59-year-old Benito Miarelli stabbed his 65-year-old brother Annibale several times. Then the man decapitated the deceased. He threw his head over the balcony. After everything was over, he turned himself in to the police – Italian media report.

According to the daily “La Stampa”, Benito Miarelli surrendered to the officers without resisting. They arrested him on suspicion of murder with particular cruelty and took him to a detention center in nearby Benevento. Investigators are currently questioning relatives, friends and neighbors of the Miarelli brothers. Investigations are underway to establish the motive for the crime, the newspaper reports.

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“We often heard them arguing”

According to the initial reconstruction of events, Benito Miarelli allegedly attacked his older brother while he was sleeping, reports Sky TG24. According to the report, the brothers had been living under the same roof for several years. However, they did not live on good terms. They allegedly argued frequently.

– We often heard that (Annibale and Benito) were arguing. Sometimes Benito would shout nonsense because he drank a lot – a neighbor of the brothers told Sky TG24. The mayor of Pannarano, a town of several thousand people, Antonio Iavarone, also mentioned the 59-year-old's alcohol problem. Speaking to the Italian news channel, he added that Benito Miarelli was under the supervision of social workers. The man had allegedly committed acts of violence against others before. – His case was known, it was being dealt with. However, no one could have imagined that what happened would happen. We are all shocked – added Iavarone.

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