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Italy. Houses for 1 euro in the city of Maenza

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Houses for 1 euro will be available for purchase in another Italian town. Maenza, located near Rome, offers real estate for a song. However, new residents will have to meet several conditions.

The authorities of the town located on the Lepini hills hope that the offer will attract new residents. Maenzy’s mayor Claudio Sperduti said it was “an ambitious plan to revive his hometown”. – Offers with public sale announcements can be found on our website. We want everything to be very transparent, Sperduti told CNN.

The willingness to buy the first few houses can be submitted until August 28. However, the mayor ensures that more properties will appear on the offer. Talks with their current owners are currently underway.

The houses that are now on sale date from the 17th century. From their windows there is a wonderful view of the sea and the Pontine Islands. They are made of large, rough, dark gray stones. Inside, old tiles still adorn the cracked walls against which dusty chairs lean against, and the wooden door hangs over loose hinges. Among the items left behind are ladders, chandeliers, and old refrigerators.


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Houses for one euro in the city of Maenza – conditions

Ultimately, the city wants to find new tenants for one hundred neglected properties. Some of them are so ruined that they have become a potential threat to passers-by. The offer therefore has a catch – potential buyers must commit to renovating the property within three years. For this purpose, they must also provide the city with a deposit of 5,000. euro. The money will be refunded after the renovation works are completed.

The offer is not only directed to people who want to live in a charming town permanently. Sperduti also encourages families with children and young couples who only wish to live in Maenzie to apply. However, priority will be given to people who intend to settle permanently and are able to renovate the property in the shortest possible time.

Future residents can take advantage of, among other things, tax breaks for environmentally friendly renovations and earthquake security upgrades. The mayor of Sperduti estimated the cost of the renovation to be around 100 euros per square meter. Considering that the offered houses have an area of ​​50 to 70 square meters, the renovation of the entire property should amount to no less than 5,000 square meters. euro.

Houses for one euro are offered by many Italian towns that want to fight depopulation. Others encourage people to move by offering money to visitors.

Sperduti says his city, unlike others, does not offer € 1 homes to stem the dwindling population – even if it has barely exceeded 3,000 in the past 20 years. As he explains, this is a step aimed at preventing realtors and speculators from taking over old houses in order to earn money.

– It’s not a dying city. People still live in the old district, but it needs renovation, fresh oxygen – he emphasizes.

Main photo source: Giambattista Lazazzera / Shutterstock.com

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