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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Italy. In his master’s thesis, the prisoner confessed to three crimes for which he was not convicted

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An Italian serving a prison sentence in his master’s thesis admitted to participating in three mafia murders, for which he was never convicted, the Italian press reports. The prosecutor’s office asked for a copy of the work to fight the mafia.

Catello Romano, 33, is serving a prison sentence in Calabria in the south Italiandefended his master’s thesis there with honors in sociology, in which he admitted to participating in three mafia murders, for which he was never convicted – the press reported on Friday.

The daily newspapers “La Repubblica” and “Il Mattino” reported that the defense took place at the Catanzaro prison, where prisoner Catello Romano is serving several sentences, including 30 years in prison for the murder of a center-left councilor in 2009 near Naples.

This crime was described in the convict’s master’s thesis, titled “Criminal Fascination”. He confessed that he entered the path of organized crime, fascinated by a film about the boss of the Neapolitan mafia – the Camorra, and other mafiosi.

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The prisoner confessed to three crimes

Romano also revealed that after joining the Camorra clan as a young man, he belonged to an armed formation that in 2008, within a few weeks of each other, killed three people in two attacks. The sociology graduate revealed details of these crimes, the circumstances of which were previously unknown.

He described the first attack, in which two men died, as “the most terrible, traumatic and irreparable event” of his life. He added that he shot the other man knowing that he was innocent.

Due to the details contained in previously unsolved murders, the Neapolitan prosecutor’s office requested a copy of the master’s thesis, which received the highest grade and an award, to fight the mafia.

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