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Italy. Massive fire at Rome-Ciampino airport. The landfill caught fire

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A massive fire broke out at a landfill near Ciampino airport in the suburbs of Rome on Saturday. Firefighters have been fighting the fire since morning. A cloud of smoke is rising over the southern part of the Italian capital. One of the airport’s runways was closed, causing delays to air traffic during the peak of holiday travel.

Fire crews arrived at the scene at 6.45am. To put out the fire, the services also use airport vehicles that are able to transport large amounts of extinguishing agent, Reuters reported. As reported by the agency, a column of black smoke rises above the burning pile of garbage, which can be seen from many points of the Italian capital.

Huge fire near Rome’s Ciampino airportPAP/EPA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI

Police are also on the scene and have stopped traffic on a nearby road to make it easier for emergency vehicles to reach the area. A fire brigade helicopter is also used in the operation, which conducts aerial reconnaissance, reports the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

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Huge fire near Rome’s Ciampino airportPAP/EPA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI

An appeal to the people

“The thick smoke creates many visibility problems on neighboring streets such as Via Appia Nuova,” the Rome daily reads.

As the flames approached the tracks, trains in the area were suspended.

Ciampino authorities have appealed to residents to close their windows.

ReutersIl Messaggero, PAP


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