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Italy, Milan. 97 percent of students failed the microbiology exam

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At the University of Milan, 398 medical students out of 408 failed the microbiology exam. The famous Italian virologist, Professor Roberto Burioni, failed the test. He admitted that more than 40 percent of students could not even diagnose the flu.

The exam record – over 97 percent of failing grades – was set at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan. Only 10 of 408 students (or 2.45%) successfully passed the written microbiology test, which consisted of eight multiple-choice questions. choice, which had to be answered within 15 minutes, Italian media report. The test was a pass to the actual exam.

The result of the test, called a “slaughter” by the press, attracted attention mainly because of the character of the examiner. This is professor of microbiology and virology Roberto Burioni, whose millions Italians they met during the pandemic, when he explained what it was every week on a popular talk show on RAI television coronavirus causing COVID-19, talked about vaccines and subsequent variants of the virus. He continues to be a regular guest on television and presents the latest information regarding medicine and its achievements.

Vita-Salute San Raffaele UniversityPhoto from March 16, 2010Shutterstock

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When a wave of criticism fell on the scientist and science popularizer – including due to a video published and later deleted by one of the students – he presented statistics on the answers to individual questions.

“44 percent of students could not explain how to diagnose the flu,” he said, and expressed hope that students would pass the exam on the second attempt.

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