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Italy: Minister’s proposal: if you abandon your pet, you will lose your driving licence

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Italy’s Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, has proposed a change to the law that would allow driving licenses to be revoked or suspended for abandoning an animal on the road. Animal rights activists praise the idea, but point out that it will not prevent dogs or cats from being left behind this summer.

The leader of the League explained that he wanted to add a provision providing for such a penalty in connection with the growing phenomenon of animal abandonment to the draft law on road safety, which will soon be submitted to parliament. Under this proposal, driving licenses would be revoked or suspended in the most serious cases of leaving an animal on the road.

Matteo Salvini noted: “In addition to being an act of absolute cruelty and barbarism, it also carries the risk of putting people traveling that way at risk.

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But such legal intervention must be timely, the National Animal Welfare Authority (Enpa) assessed.

Matteo Salvini Alessia Pierdomenico/Shutterstock

Enpa: in Italy, an average of 127 animals are given or abandoned every day

“Such a law should be thought about in January, so that it is effective in August. If it is considered in August, it will be useful next year. So many thanks to the minister for next year, but due to the pace of the parliament’s work, this project will not be effective in the case of this year’s abandonments,” said the president of the office, Carla Rocchi.

Italy. Minister’s proposal: will you abandon the animal? You will lose your driving licenseShutterstock

At the same time, she assured: “We are pleased and appreciative of the intentions, we appreciate them and we are waiting for the law to be passed by parliament.”

According to Enpa data, an average of 127 animals per day are given or abandoned in Italy this year, an increase of 20 percent compared to 2021.

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