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Italy. Orkan Ciaran. Losses after floods amount to hundreds of millions of euros. They found another body

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The flood in Tuscany, which was caused by hurricane Ciaran, is the largest phenomenon of this type in over half a century – write Italian media. Preliminary estimates show that EUR 300 million will have to be allocated to cover all losses. The services found another body. Thus, the element claimed the lives of 7 people.

According to the first, not yet complete, report, the flood in Tuscany caused by Hurricane Ciaran caused damage estimated at EUR 300 million. The reports were presented by the head of the region’s authorities, Eugenio Giani. The official added that the disaster caused the death of at least seven people. The body of a missing resident of the flooded town of Campi Bisenzio near Florence was found on Saturday.

The governor of Tuscany stated that the preliminary balance of losses covered both public and private property – hundreds of houses were destroyed.


It can still be dangerous

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The greatest damage occurred in the areas of Prato, Livorno, Florence, Pistoia and Pisa. A state of crisis was declared there on Friday. Damage removal is underway, including one thousand Civil Defense volunteers.

Its head, Fabrizio Curcio, present at the press conference in Florence, warned that according to forecasts, another wave of violent weather is coming to Tuscany. Therefore, as he noted, preventive evacuations of residents from endangered areas are necessary. He also admitted that a review of early meteorological warning systems is necessary.

This is the biggest flood in Tuscany since 1966 – emphasize the Italian media.

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Ciaran has made a big mess in Europe

Torcan Ciaran hit Western Europe on the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The phenomenon affected not only Italy, but also Great Britain, France, Spain and Belgium. Wind gusts destroyed houses and trees, and heavy rainfall overflowed rivers.

The total death toll reaches 17 people.

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