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Italy. Pamela’s body was in two suitcases. Washed with bleach and quartered. The court upheld the verdict

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The Italian Supreme Court has upheld the life sentence for a 34-year-old man who is serving a prison sentence for the rape and brutal murder of an 18-year-old girl in 2018. – I was waiting for this – the teenager’s mother admitted to journalists. The tragic death of her daughter shocked the entire country. The girl’s mutilated body was found abandoned in a ditch near the national road near Macerata.

Pamela Mastropietro was born in 1999 in Rome. She lived and studied there, she wanted to become a cosmetologist. The Italian media reminds that the girl suffered from anxiety disorders, and from conversations with her therapists it appears that at the age of 14 she started taking drugs, to which she soon became addicted. “We all become addicted to something that makes us forget about pain,” the girl wrote on social media, as quoted by a journalist from fanpage.it.

She escaped from rehab

In 2017, Pamela went to rehab at an addiction treatment center in Corridonia. “She escaped from the center on January 29,” a RAI television journalist reported a year after her death. She disappeared without taking her documents or phone with her. She was given a ride to the center of Macerata by a previously unknown man, with whom she later spent the night. “Police findings show that he offered her money for drugs in exchange for sex,” the Corriere della Sera daily reported.

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The next day, in the Giardini Giaz square, known locally as a meeting place for dealers, the 18-year-old met Innocent O. “He convinced her to take drugs together in his apartment on Spalato Street,” writes fanpage.it.

Giardini Diaz – this is where Pamela met Innocent O.

Heroin, bleach and the “precise method”

On January 31, 2018, a random person found two dark suitcases in a ditch on the national road near Macerata. They were lying on the street, a few meters from the entrance to one of the properties in via dell’Industria. They were not hidden in any way and could be easily spotted when driving past. The man called the services. The police made a gruesome discovery. Inside they found the dismembered body of a young girl. Shortly thereafter, it was determined that it was the body of Pamela Mastropietro.

A later autopsy revealed further drastic circumstances of the teenager’s death. “The body was washed with bleach and divided into pieces in a ‘precise way’, as stated by the court expert. The team of doctors also confirmed that Pamela had taken heroin intravenously before her death, but they ruled out the version that it would have been a lethal dose for her,” the fanpage described. .it.

A commemorative plaque in the place where two suitcases were found

He called a taxi, he didn’t want help carrying his luggage

Innocent O., then 29, was detained on February 1, 2018. Initially, he said that he met Pamela in the city, but he had no idea what happened to her later, but subsequent police discoveries contradicted this version. The 18-year-old’s bloody clothes were found in his house, and his skin was found under her nails.

“The taxi driver, questioned by the police, testified that he was driving O. on the evening of January 30, that he had two suitcases with him and that he insisted on loading them into the trunk himself, refusing to seek help,” a RAI television journalist reported last year. Ultimately, Innocent O. confessed to cutting Pamela’s body into over 20 pieces, but not to killing her. To this day, she maintains that on January 30, 2018, he gave her heroin, then left her at home with a friend, and when he returned, the teenager was already dead.

The building where O. was supposed to kill Pamela

“He wanted to get rid of the body, which did not fit completely into the bag, so he decided to divide it into parts, pack it, call a taxi and then abandon it,” said the journalist of the TG2000 television program.

The court did not believe his explanations. After examining Pamela’s body several times, prosecutors found that after giving heroin, O. raped the girl and then stabbed her in the liver. “Investigators relied on a story that the accused allegedly shared with a friend from his prison cell, he told him that he stabbed the girl because she threatened to call the police for raping her. He didn’t want her to run away from home,” he described in 2019 year journalist of “Corriere della Sera”. Afterwards, O. massacred the girl’s body and left it by the road.

The trial after Pamela’s death

The trial in the court in Ancona lasted several months. In 2020, Innocent O. was sentenced to life imprisonment. On Tuesday, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that it would uphold the previously imposed sentence. After leaving the courtroom, Pamela’s mother, Alessandra Verni, told the gathered journalists: “I’ve been waiting for this for six years.”

– Now I will fight to find the names of his accomplices. He didn’t act alone. There was someone else with him, someone who is currently free and may harm someone because he belongs to a criminal organization, he believes. The analysis of the genetic material carried out in O.’s apartment showed that two more men could have stayed there, but their identity has not been established to this day.

– Today justice won, Pamela and Stefano (her father, who died last year – ed.) won. I want to thank my brother, and at the same time the attorney who handled this whole case, it certainly wasn’t easy for him as an uncle, Pamela’s mother summed up on Tuesday.

Macerata is located in eastern Italy

Corriere della Sera, Il Fatto Quotidiano

Main photo source: Google Maps

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