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Italy. Puglia. Italian bishop to the faithful: choose Easter, not cocaine

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The Bishop of Apulia, Italy, Fabio Ciollaro, in his message for Holy Week, expressed his concern about the growing phenomenon of drug use. – Choose Easter, not cocaine – he appealed to the inhabitants of those parts.

Bishop Fabio Ciollaro, Bishop of the Diocese of Cerignola-Ascoli Satriano, stressed that a choice must be made: “cocaine or Easter”. He urged the faithful of his diocese “not to bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich” but to take a clear stand in the face of recent police operations and a wave of arrests in this part of the region.

“They have shown once again that a large number of inhabitants in these areas have taken the path of evil,” said Bishop Ciollaro. – Among various forms of local criminal activity, drug smuggling is flourishing. This is generally known. However, there is something that we cannot underestimate: traffickers have many customers here on the spot and it’s not just about young people – alarmed the bishop of Puglia.

The city of Ostuni in the Italian region of Apuliaessevu/Shutterstock

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“Faith, when genuine, is not opium, but an inexhaustible force”

He has seen increasing drug use among adults. “If trade is flourishing in the city, it means there is a lot of demand,” said the dignitary. He emphasized that the local church and educational institutions were trying to help addicts.

– What do you think about adults who use drugs? Do they do it to spend a “cool” evening or do they look to them for support to face commitments and life problems? – He asked. He also warned that these substances “impair or alter our most human faculties, which are intelligence and will.”

– Faith, when it is genuine, is not opium, but it is an inexhaustible force. It is not an illusion to stun us and make us forget our problems, but a source of courage and hope.

Main photo source: essevu/Shutterstock

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