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Italy. Rain like a Swiss watch. “The schedule is the same”

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According to the Italian media, Rome has been affected by rainfall and storms for some time, starting at 17:00 sharp. According to specialists, this is the result of the high-low system that persists over Europe. To the impatience of the inhabitants of the Eternal City, this situation may continue for several more weeks.

For several weeks in Rome, watches can be set according to rainfall. Although the first half of the day is clear and warm, every day at 5 pm dark clouds gather over the Eternal City and it starts to rain or is coming storm.

Storm timetable

As explained by meteorologist Edoardo Ferrara, the regular rainfall is the result of the air circulation being blocked for weeks due to an anticyclone (or high-pressure system) that stopped between northern France and England. In Italy, it causes northeasterly gusts of wind. When storm clouds form over the Apennines in the early afternoon, the wind pushes them over the plains until they reach Rome. Therefore, at 5 pm in the Eternal City it starts to rain.

“The timetable is the same,” he said. – The situation repeats every day, because the structure of the pressure systems does not change.

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The expert added that this situation will prevail until the second week of June. Storms in Italy are expected to pass through the long weekend, which lasts in connection with Friday’s Republic Day. They are announced in 10 regions of the country, which will disrupt mass trips on these days. Around 15 million Italians have made or will embark on the journey.

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