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Italy – rising inflation. Pasta strike due to rising prices of pasta, paste

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The Italians say: Enough! One consumer rights group is calling for a week-long national “pasta strike”. This is to be an expression of opposition to rising prices. Do not buy pasta in the coming days – the association of consumer rights defenders appeals to Italians. In May, inflation in Italy was 7.6 percent, but the price increases of Italian paste reach 25 percent.

The government in Rome held a crisis meeting last month and decided not to intervene on prices. The “pasta strike” is to last from Thursday to the end of June.

Price increases disproportionate to rising costs

Consumer organization Assoutenti wants pasta producers and retailers to feel pressure from customers who will not buy one of the staples in all Italian households for more than a week. Full shelves as a result of the boycott, the association argues, should lead to lower prices.

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“They are absolutely disproportionate to the cost of production,” said Assoutenti CEO Furio Truzzi.

It is noted that it is pasta that is one of the foodstuffs that have increased the most since last year. While a year ago the average price per kilogram was EUR 1.37, now it exceeds EUR 2.

In the Italian media, attention is drawn to the fact that such a protest is important as a strong signal. The organizers of the strike hope that customers will join them and refrain from buying spaghetti, ribbons, drills, bows and hundreds of other types of pasta.

The Italian government says it will strengthen price monitoring by working more closely with the country’s 20 regions, but has not opted for any more radical moves.

Europe is fighting with expensive food

In France 75 major food producers have pledged to lower the prices of hundreds of products from next month, Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said in June.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced that there would be inspections. – (…) already in July the prices of some products will fall. There will also be checks and sanctions for those who do not follow the rules, a government official told BFM TV.

“The prices of all products that are getting cheaper in wholesale markets must fall by 2, 3, 5, maybe even 10 percent in July,” Le Maire said. The minister said that the list would include: pasta, oils, poultry, cereals, animal feed. Bruno Le Maire said the full list would be sent to him next week.

The announcement of the reduction was also presented on Hungarywhere she started the action of mandatory promotions has started in Hungarian stores. It was pointed out that in this way the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban is trying to suppress the highest inflation in the European Union, which exceeds 20% year on year.

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In turn, in Spain price controls were avoided, but the government in Madrid decided to extend the food tax cuts effective from December. Including reduced tax on cooking oil and pasta to 5%.

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