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Italy. Some of Italy’s more than 3,600 historic laws were repealed by the government of Giorgia Meloni

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The Italian government repealed 3,637 laws in its latest decree. The changes concern, among others, the snow tax and night weddings. In total, 22,000 ordinances from the time of the monarchy have been abolished so far. Some of the recipes cause amusement and surprise.

Another piece of Italian history goes to the archives; the one written down in completely archaic regulations that no one used anymore, but they were still in force at least on paper.

Changes in the snow tax and regulations of the Banana Monopoly

At the request of Reform Minister Maria Elisabetta Casellati, the government repealed 3,637 laws in the latest decree. One of them concerned the rules of operation of the Banana Monopoly, another the rules of breeding and the use of passenger pigeons. The provision on the establishment of a “consortium for the colonization of the city of Janale in the Italian SomaliaFirst, as part of the legislative simplification process, 2,535 decrees from 1861-1870, the first decade of the unified Kingdom of Italy, were abolished. According to one of the regulations, all citizens of the Kingdom were granted the right to free places at the music college in Naples. The Municipality of Cerignola received the right to From 1877, the annulled regulation imposing additional charges in the city of Lucca for weddings concluded at night comes from 1877.

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