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Italy. The 103-year-old was driving a car without a valid driving license and insurance

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A 103-year-old resident of the Italian city of Ferrrara was caught by the Carabinieri driving a car with an invalid driving license and without insurance. The senior woman who was fined has now switched to a bicycle and has already announced that she will buy a scooter.

Italian media reported that in the middle of the night in the town of Bondeno, near the city of Ferrara in the Emilia-Romagna region, a carabinier patrol stopped a car which, as they noticed, was behaving strangely on the road.

The driver was 103-year-old Giuseppina Molari, who – as it turned out – had a driving license that had been invalid for two years and had no insurance. She was returning from a meeting with friends. The woman was fined and taken home by the Carabinieri.

Since she can't drive a car, she switched to a bicycle. She told a RAI television reporter that in order not to lose her independence and to be able to continue meeting her friends and playing cards with them, she would buy a scooter.

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