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Italy. The bear that killed a 26-year-old in the Alps has been captured

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The female bear that killed a 26-year-old runner in the Italian Alps in early April was captured overnight from Monday to Tuesday and is in a wildlife center, Trentino authorities said. The regional administrative court is set to reconvene next month to decide whether the bear can be euthanized.

The search for the bear lasted from April 6. Then, in the forest in the Val di Sole, the body of Adrea Papi, who had gone jogging in Caldes a few hours earlier, was found. An autopsy revealed that a 26-year-old man fell victim to a 17-year-old female bear, identified as JJ4, who attacked two people in 2020.

After this incident, the president of Trentino, Maurizio Fugatti, decided to euthanize the animal, but a few days later a regional administrative court overturned it after protests from environmental organizations. Fugatti has until May 11 to appeal the court’s decision, at which point the court is set to reconsider the case.

The bear has been caught

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the bear was captured on the night of Monday to Tuesday. The provincial environmental authority said the 17-year-old female was with three cubs around the age of two. Two of them entered a trap filled with fruit with their mother and were released. According to Raffaele De Col, director of the local civil protection, forestry and wildlife office, they were “self-contained individuals who immediately moved away”. The veterinarians then gave the bear a sedative. De Col reported that after a few hours the female woke up and was in good condition. He is staying at a wildlife center near Trento.

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Authorities said in a statement that the animal had shown signs of aggression in recent days, destroying camera traps placed in the area to monitor its movements.

A female bear was caught in a trapufficiostampa.provincia.tn.it

The death of a 26-year-old man in northern Italy has reignited a debate about the human-wildlife conflict. The area began to be inhabited by bears again in 1999. Until 2002, as part of the EU Life Ursus project, there were 10 individuals, now there are about 100. Originally, the population was assumed to be 50 animals. After the tragedy in early April, consideration was given to a massive relocation of the bear population in the province of Trentino to other regions of Italy or abroad.

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Main photo source: ufficiostampa.provincia.tn.it

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