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Italy. The judge: the head of the Sicilian mafia Cosa Nostra for many years practically did not hide

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“Inexplicable” and “incredible” – this is how Matteo Messina Denaro’s long-term search was summed up in the report by an Italian judge. The Sicilian mafia boss was arrested in January after 30 years of trying to find him. The report was published the day Denaro’s partner was arrested.

These opinions were spread the day the Carabinieri arrested teacher Laura Bonafede, the partner of the Sicilian mafia boss, another person accused of helping him. Earlier, correspondence between them was found in one of his houses, confirming their contacts. Now it has come to light that they lived together for a long time. The woman’s daughter was also investigated.

Palermo judge Alfredo Montalto admitted that “disturbing” discoveries had been made regarding the ineffectiveness of the search for Messina Denaro. He indicated that during the long period when he was wanted, he was helped in hiding by “people well known to the justice system”.

Matteo Messina Denaro was arrested in PalermoPAP/EPA – Carabinieri ANSA

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An example is the arrested teacher, the daughter of the influential boss of Cosa Nostra from the city of Campobello di Mazara.

Judge Montalto also wrote that the investigation conducted by the Carabinieri following the arrest of the “godfather” of the mafia shows “the unheard of and inexplicable failure of his searches” in places where he lived, such as Castelvetrano and Campobello di Mazara.

Judge: practically did not hide

He reminded that these towns were “combed” and monitored with video cameras at all strategic points.

Meanwhile, the judge said, this did not prevent the most wanted criminal in the world from leading a “normal” life in these very places for many years, practically without going into hiding. He added that Matteo Messina Denaro showed his “recognizable face” to many people.

– How could it be enough, it seems at the moment inexplicable and not without consequences – summed up the judge, whose conclusions were included in the arrest warrant for the partner of the head of the cosa nostra.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA – Carabinieri ANSA

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