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Italy. The movie “The House of Gucci” in theaters. Aldo Gucci’s descendants do not agree with the family image depicted in the film

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The heirs of Aldo Gucci, the man who turned the Florentine brand into a global phenomenon, are dissatisfied with the way their family is portrayed in Ridley Scott’s “Gucci House” movie. The film is starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and Al Pacino.

She is the daughter of a transport company owner and the most attractive student of the year. He – a future lawyer, son of Rodolfo Gucci, grandson of the founder of the famous fashion brand Gucci Gucci, who wants nothing to do with the family business. Their acquaintance begins with a short conversation at the carnival ball. She confuses him with the bartender. He makes her a drink and leaves the party before midnight, explaining that he is about to turn into a frog. Soon after, Patrizia Reggiani (played by Lady Gaga) and Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) – much to Rodolfo’s displeasure – get married. Rodolfo (Jeremy Irons) does not appear at the ceremony because he is convinced that the woman cares only about her wealth. Eventually, however, Patrizia wins his favor. He can also always count on the support of Aldo Gucci (Al Pacino), Maurizio’s uncle, who treats him a bit like his own child. Aldo does not take his biological son Paul (played by Jared Leto) seriously.


When Rodolfo dies, Patrizia persuades her husband to take over the reins of the family business. He – reluctant at first – gradually gains momentum and self-confidence. Until she finally goes to another woman and demands a divorce. Patrizia wants to make her beloved come back to her at all costs. She is waiting for him in front of the house. She gives him an album with photos documenting their happiest moments. When she realizes that nothing will return her husband, she becomes furious. She begins searching for a hired murderer whom she could commission to murder Maurizio. The fortune teller who is privy to this plan helps her find criminals.

Gucci’s descendants criticize the film. “Is an offense to heritage”

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The descendants of Aldo Gucci, the son of the founder of the Gucci company, do not agree with the image presented in the film. “Despite stating that the work seeks to tell the ‘true story’ of the family, the film has a narrative that is downright inaccurate,” they said in a statement.

“The production of the film didn’t bother to consult the heirs before describing Aldo Gucci – the company’s president for 30 years – and the Gucci family members as bandits who were ignorant and insensitive to the world around them,” he added.

Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Adam Driver and Lady Gaga at the premiere of “Gucci House”Doug Peters / PAP / EPA

“It is extremely painful from a human point of view and is an insult to the heritage on which the brand is built today,” declared members of the Gucci family.

The family criticizes the portrayal of Reggiani

The family made a particular complaint about the way in the film the character of Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga, “as a victim trying to survive in a male and chauvinist corporate culture”: “That couldn’t be further from the truth. In a 70-year history in which Gucci was a company family, it was always inclusive. In fact, in the 1980s to be exact – in the historical context in which the film takes place – there were a few women in the highest positions, and not just family members. “

The family, which no longer has any ties to the Gucci brand, now part of the French luxury giant Kering, said it has reserved the right “to take all necessary measures to protect the name, image and dignity of themselves and their loved ones.”

Main photo source: Doug Peters / PAP / EPA

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