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Italy. The yacht of sanctioned Russian oligarch Dmitry Mazepin disappeared ‘mysteriously’

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The luxury yacht of the Belarusian-Russian oligarch Dmitry Mazepin “mysteriously” disappeared from a port in Sardinia. According to the Italian services, despite being “frozen”, he sailed from there to Tunisia, after which he was lost. The British “Guardian” reports that those responsible for taking the yacht out of port have been punished, but the whereabouts of the vessel remain unknown.

An estate worth €105 million, owned by former Russian Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin and his father Dmitry Mazepin, was frozen already in April, a few weeks after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Ansa agency reported then that the oligarch had been sanctioned by the European Union. Reuters reported that the Italian police confiscated the villas and yachts of Russians worth more than 900 million euros.

The yacht, named Aldabra, with an estimated value of around one million euros, was moored in the port of Olbia in Sardinia until June. It was then that he disappeared “mysteriously”, literally hours before the official confirmation that he was Mazepin’s property. The British “Guardian” wrote about the investigation on Thursday.

He left at the last minute

As a police informant told the Guardian, Mazepin – a businessman, majority shareholder and chairman of Uralchem ​​- was aware that he was on the sanctions list, “but he managed to make the most of the period during which we worked to determine whether the boat belongs to him.” .

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According to the Italian police, the oligarch hired a foreign company, which in turn hired a captain from Sardinia. He sailed on a yacht with Italian literally last minute. During the investigation, he claimed that he did not know who the unit belonged to. The investigation showed that the yacht had stopped in the small port of Bisert in Tunisiaafter which he was not heard from. Aldabra’s current whereabouts are unknown. Officers said Mazepin, the company he hired and the captain were fined up to 500,000. euro.

Dmitry and Nikita MazepinJoe Portlock/Formula 1/Getty Images

Sardinia popular with businessmen from Russia

In addition to the yacht, Mazepin has a mansion in the town of Portisco that has been placed on the list of frozen assets. Before the invasion of Ukraine, Sardinia was a popular destination among Russian oligarchs. Mazepin bought a property there from Carlo De Benedetti, an Italian businessman and former owner of the newspaper La Repubblica.

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