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Italy. They pretended to be terrorists and “kidnapped” the future groom. Allegations after a bachelor party

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Nine Italian men have been charged with “caused public disturbance” after they dressed as terrorists for a bachelor party and staged the kidnapping of their friend, the groom-to-be. The event looked so realistic that an elderly neighbor fainted watching the developments.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon in the town of Trofarello near Turin. Men aged 23-31 were to celebrate the bachelor party of their 30-year-old friend. However, they came up with a rather original idea and they arrived at his house on Via Diaz equipped with, among others, pistols, balaclavas and black helmets. They then faked his abduction by loading the back of a van and driving away from the building.

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“Kidnapping” during a bachelor party. “Equipment like from the movies”

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However, as described by the Italian media, the action did not go as planned. The men pretended to be terrorists from the Islamic State, even dressed in clothes associated with Isis. Such a sight alarmed the neighbors of the future groom, who, frightened, began to call the police. One of the elderly neighbors fainted seeing what was happening outside the window. After several calls, the officers set off to look for the alleged terrorists.

Police barricades have been set up in many places in the area to stop the “kidnappers”. Eventually, the van was found in front of the house of one of them. The groom-to-be was still inside the car, bound and gagged, still unaware that he had been the victim of a prank by his friends. Police confiscated equipment from the men, including military jackets, rifles, balaclavas, helmets and even flags resembling the ones they use Islamic terrorists.

One of the neighbors of the man in the block of flats opposite spoke to the Corriere Torino newspaper about the incident. “Nowadays, you never know what might happen (…). We were terrified, it looked like a real kidnapping. There were so many of them, it was impossible to recognize their faces, they were armed to the neck. Equipment like from movies – he reports. The man also noted that no one warned the neighbors about the planned prank. – I understand the desire to have fun, but such a scene is incomprehensible. If they really couldn’t do without a mock kidnapping, couldn’t they at least have warned us of what was about to happen? he said. “Now that I think about it, I remember the girl standing on the balcony laughing while we in the block were terrified of what was going on,” he said.

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Corriere Torino, Torino Today

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