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Italy. Thousands of unvaccinated doctors, nurses and nurses were suspended from duties

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The Italian Federation of Medical Chambers announced that 2,178 doctors and 3,800 nurses were suspended from their duties. All because they refused to accept the coronavirus vaccine. “After this decision was announced, 522 doctors decided to get vaccinated,” the federation said. He adds that 1656 remains “adamant”.

“Fnomceo” (in Italian “Federazione nazionale degli Ordini dei Medici Chirurghi e Odontoiatri”, the National Federation of Medical Chambers) informed about the exclusion of unvaccinated physicians from practicing their profession. This step caused some doctors to change their minds and get vaccinated.


“Following the announcement of this decision, 522 doctors decided to vaccinate,” announced “Fnomceo”. “The suspension notice proves to be an effective incentive for colleagues to vaccinate,” says Filippo Anelli, president of the federation. The announcement also stated that 1,656 Italian doctors are still not going to be vaccinated, and therefore will remain suspended from their duties.

There are 468,000 names of doctors on the lists of members of Italian medical chambers. All but the 1,656 “adamant” ones are already vaccinated.

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Because vaccination is a right and an obligation

“We would like to remind you once again that getting vaccinated is not only a right for a doctor, an opportunity to protect against Covid-19 infection, but also an ethical obligation. He should set a good example for his patients and protect them as much as possible against the virus” – emphasized the president of the federation. “We cannot stop our fight now,” added Anelli.

3,800 nurses were also suspended in the country. This is less than a percentage of the entire staff of medical facilities in Italy. When announcing the data on Tuesday, the National Chamber of Nurses and Nurses stated that they may be incomplete, as only three-quarters of medical institutions sent them in.

“Smallpox. 300 million deaths in the 20th century. Today – zero. Vaccination saves lives, let’s get vaccinated” twitter / “Fnomceo” – campaign of Italian medical chambers

Coronavirus in Italy

More than 87 percent of the Italian population is immune to Covid-19, the Extraordinary Commissioner for Pandemic General Francesco Figliuolo announced at a press conference on Friday. More than 83 percent of the Italian population, or 45 million people, is fully vaccinated, he explained. 86 percent of the population over the age of 12 received at least one dose. Healers should also be added. – That means – emphasized Figliuolo – that 87.7 percent of people already have immunity. The commissioner announced that between December and February the vaccination campaign with the third dose would peak. Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced that the category of people for whom the third dose is recommended will be expanded. Currently, it is given to health care workers, immunocompromised patients and people over 60 years of age. “Against the background of data in Europe, the situation in Italy can be considered to be one of the best” – said the minister on Friday, referring to the level of infections.

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