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Italy. Thunderstorms in the north, a whirlwind near Milan. wounded

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Several people were injured in storms in northern Italy on Friday. A tornado passed about 30 kilometers from Milan. It rained heavily in many places, leading to flooding and flooding. Heavy hail fell and strong winds uprooted trees.

A few kilometers north of Milan, a broken tree struck and injured a motorcyclist. A similar situation occurred in the province of Bergamo, where a tree collapsed on a car. The woman who was driving suffered a back injury. Her companions – her daughter and two friends – were slightly injured.

Two men from the Brescia area are also among the injured. They were hit by glass panes that were blown out of the windows by the wind. They suffered head and hand injuries but are not life-threatening.

Tornado near Milan

Italian media reported that on Friday morning in Lombardy, about 30 kilometers from Milan, a tornado formed. The phenomenon passed near the towns of Cernusco sul Naviglio and Gessate.

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Although the trumpet only lasted a few seconds, it left major damage in its wake, including downed roofs and downed trees.

Whirlwind in ItalyReuters

Whirlwind in ItalyReuters

Heavy rain and flooded streets

Due to heavy rainfall, the Naviglio Canal in Milan threatened to overflow. Rainwater and masses of mud flooded the streets in streams.

The town of Seregno, north of Milan, was also flooded. The amateur recording shows how a river of hailstones flows through the historic city center. Rainwater and wind carried ice through the streets, penetrating the arcades of buildings, flooding commercial premises and apartments on the ground floor.

According to local media, so much hail fell from the sky that some residents were stuck in their homes.

This is not the only place where hail has occurred. In Cassano d’Adda, near Milan, ice balls caused damage to a train station and a park, among other places. Civil defense and local police worked in many different parts of the region to clear roads.

Hail in ItalyReuters

The region’s authorities have asked the Italian government to declare a state of emergency.

Severe weather in other regions

Violent storm passed through the commune of Asti in Piedmont. The diameter of the hailstones was six centimeters.

Dangerous phenomena have visited Veneto again. Strong winds knocked down trees and rain caused flooding. However, there was not as much damage as over time a massive hailstorm in the middle of the week, injuring more than a hundred people.

Downpours, heat and drought

As the Italian media pointed out, in principle, one could assume that heavy rainfall (of course, if it was not accompanied by hail) would be considered a blessing in the face of severe drought. However, the dried soil was not able to absorb so much moisture, which is why flooding occurred in many places.

Italy has also been struggling with extreme heat for many days. According to meteorologists, after this violent weather episode, temperatures will drop in many places over the next few days. However, where the heatwave is most severe, in central and southern Italy, thermometers can still read above 40 degrees Celsius.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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