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Italy, Turin. Alex killed his father to protect his mother. “He’s a good boy, but I am forced to file 14 years in prison”

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The Alexa Pump trial from around Turin (Italy) is underway. The 20-year-old killed his father when he attacked his mother. The prosecutor believes that grabbing the knife was an exaggerated reaction and that the situation was “manageable” and asked for 14 years’ imprisonment for the defendant. – We hope he won’t spend a single day in prison. We stand behind Alex – says his friend Fabrizio in an interview with tvn24.pl. He, like the defense attorney, claims that Pump did it to defend himself and his family.

Alex killed his father on April 30, 2020. It happened in the small town of Collegno (near Turin), in a block on De Amicis Street, right after the man attacked his wife Maria. According to the testimonies of witnesses, he pushed the woman and smashed her phone on her head. Alex and Loris, her sons reacted immediately. The former grabbed a knife and began to inflict blows on his father. The man could not be saved.

The family lived in a block of flats on Edmondo de Amicis StreetGoogle Maps


A trial is now underway in Turin against Alex, who was accused of murdering 52-year-old Giuseppe Pompa. Investigators found that that evening he used six different kitchen knives with a total of 35 blows. – All of them were aimed at vital areas of the body, aimed at the back and chest – prosecutor Alessandro Aghemo described before the court, quoting the daily “La Stampa”.

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Pump himself testified that he decided to take such a step – he grabbed the knives – because he was afraid for his and his family’s safety. That day he was to feel that his father could cross a certain line. – It was visible, for example, in the way in which he moved around the apartment. He circled and said he was going to cut us all apart and we would end up in the grave. He was unmanageable – said Alex before the court.

Witnesses called to hearings confirmed that Giuseppe was a very aggressive and conflicting man on a daily basis. “Threats and quarrels on the sixth floor of a block on Edmondo De Amicis Street were commonplace”, writes the portal “torinotoday.it”. Maria, the man’s wife, also confessed that he was insanely jealous and controlled her every exit. He could make over a hundred phone calls a day (the same was true on the day of the murder), which was later confirmed by investigators.

Attorney Claudio Strata and Alex PompPrivate archive

Orderly, urgent, he called the services himself. But “he wanted to commit murder”

Already in the first moments after the murder, the entire local community interceded for Alex. Neighbors, friends, teachers – everyone keeps repeating that he killed his father because he was forced to do so by Giuseppe’s aggressive behavior. The judge quickly agreed to house arrest for the boy, which he spent with a friend, preparing with him for the final exams. He passed the exam by 87 percent.

“He’s a good young man, a decent and diligent student,” admitted prosecutor Aghemo. – But I am forced to apply for a sentence of 14 years in prison. The Criminal Code does not allow me to place extenuating circumstances above the relationship with the victim, which in this case is an aggravating circumstance. That day Alex wanted to commit a murder – he said at the trial in Turin. The fact that the teenager himself called the services and immediately admitted his guilt does not change much in his opinion.

“He was acting against an unarmed person who probably should have been under constant medical care but did not deserve to die,” he said. He added that the witnesses describing Giuseppe in court emphasized his negative features, which was not entirely objective. – The situation from that evening was not unmanageable, and the accused’s reaction was exaggerated, inadequate to the father’s behavior – he assessed at the end.

However, he asked the judge to analyze in depth the importance of each circumstance – the mitigating and aggravating ones for Alex.

On the left Loris Pump, Alex’s brother – witness to the tragedyFamily archive

“Forza Alex!”

“I applied for a complete acquittal,” said Claudio Strata, defender of Alex Pompa, to the Italian media. In his opinion, the boy acted as part of self-defense, because he was afraid for his own safety and that of his loved ones.

– My brother saved our life. Our father would kill us all – said in an interview with the journalist “La Stampa” Loris Pomp, who is also one of the most important witnesses.

– We hope he won’t spend a single day in prison. We are standing behind him. Forza Alex! – said Fabrizio Siragusa, his friend from Collegno, in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The experts called to the case found that Alex was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to acts of aggression at home. The Turin court will now decide how this will affect the sentence.

Collegno is located right next to Turin, in the north of the country

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Main photo source: Family archive

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