Italy. UN collaborator Torpekai Amarkhel died in a boat crash


Journalist and UN collaborator Torpekai Amarkhel was one of the victims of the migrant boat disaster that crashed off the Italian coast of Calabria, Italian media reported. The woman and her family were forced to flee Afghanistan by the Taliban. According to the latest reports, at least 71 people died in the disaster.

Forty-two-year-old Torpekai Amarkhel worked for many years in Kabul with UN, previously also worked at the Afghan national radio. After taking power in Afghanistan by the Taliban in August 2021, she documented the situation of women in Afghanistan in photos, which is prohibited by the new authorities, reports ANSA. Women in this country, with minor exceptions, are currently not allowed to work.

On Monday evening, ANSA announced that Torpekai Amarkhel had been identified among the victims of the crash a boat with migrants that had wrecked off the Italian coast of Calabria a week earlier. Her husband and two children died with her, and her 7-year-old daughter is presumed missing. The journalist’s sister, Mida, had previously traveled from Rotterdam to Crotone in Calabria. It is believed that this is where the woman fleeing Afghanistan with her family wanted to go. At the crash site, a UN-issued service card of the 42-year-old woman was found, her photo was made available on the Internet by, among others, Italian journalist Niccolo Zancan.

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Disaster off the coast of Italy

Boat with refugees from IranPakistan and Afghanistan, which emerged from Turkey, probably crashed on the rocks during a storm on Sunday, February 26 in the town of Cutro near Crotone. People who survived the disaster reported that there may have been more than 200 people on board the boat. The balance of the tragedy so far is 71 fatalities, including a dozen or so children, and over 40 people are missing. Dozens of people are still believed to be missing.

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Main photo source: GIUSEPPE PIPITA/EPA/PAP

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