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Italy, USA. Amanda Knox gave an interview to Italian television after 14 years. For the first time since the murder of her roommate

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– For the four years I spent in prison, the Italian media described me as the most hideous woman in the world. That is why many people still think that I am guilty – confessed Knox in an interview for the television “Italia 1”. This is the first such conversation since 2007, when she was charged with the brutal murder of Meredith Kercher, then convicted twice and finally acquitted. Knox kept saying from the beginning that she had nothing to do with the crime.

The murder of the British Meredith Kercher took place on the night of November 1-2, 2007. The girl died in her bedroom, in a small house in Perugia, Italy. She was found half-naked, her throat was cut. The house was rented at the time by a group of young exchange students, including Amanda Knox, an American from Seattle. It was on her that the investigators focused, and thus all journalists who reported on the murder of the young Kercher. Why? Knox interfered with the testimony and concealed some facts about the hours Meredith was murdered.

The house on Via della Pergola in 2008, when the trial of Meredith’s death beganGoogle Maps


The case gained publicity, and in a few days the media around the world got interested in it. And they reported over the years that Knox was convicted and then acquitted. Amanda, who described herself as a bit “different” from her peers, regularly provided tabloids with new “flavors” that only added fuel to the fire: the day after the tragedy, someone saw at a local clothing store choosing a set of underwear with a boy. Later, they also showed up at the crime scene inspection, where they showed tenderness – three kisses and a few seconds’ video showing the whole world the next day, were enough for her to be labeled as a cheeky friend for many years.

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“It’s hard to move on when the story of such a tragedy is trailing behind you”

Knox had claimed innocence from the start. She presented her version of the events most extensively in a documentary made for the Netflix platform, where she appeared as the narrator. (“Amanda Knox” 2016). Now, 14 years after that tragic night, he returns once again to the events of Perugia and repeats: I am innocent. For the first time, however, she decided to appear in a longer program made by Italian television.

The interview was conducted by Gaston Zama, journalist of the program “Le Iene” (in Italian “Hyenas”). It came out on Friday night. A few days before the broadcast, an announcement of the conversation was already circulating on the Internet. The one and a half minute trailer starts with ten seconds of silence, during which you can see 34-year-old Knox still struggling to talk about the murder case. He closes his eyes, sighs heavily.

– For the four years I spent in prison, the Italian media described me as the most hideous and brutal woman in the world. That’s why many people still think I’m guilty. They didn’t analyze the evidence, they only remember that story [ma na myśli nagonkę medialną – red.] says Knox. “I realize, speaking to the Italian audience now, that there is a bias against me,” he adds with tears in his eyes.

– Me and Raffaele [jej ówczesny chłopak – red.] we were introduced to the media as the accusers portrayed us. So that people would be convinced of our guilt. It is hard to move on in life when you have a history of brutal tragedy behind you that you know you have nothing to do with. It’s pregnant. And I know Raffaele is pregnant too, she said.

After all, “ordinary engineer”

The aforementioned Raffaele Sollecito, Knox’s ex-boyfriend, the one she was with when Meredith’s murder happened, also appeared in the interview. His court also twice convicted and later acquitted him. On the program, he confirmed the words of Amanda, now only a friend from the past – that the sentences, though withdrawn, had left their mark on his life. After all I’ve been through, some people still think I’m a boy with everything [zabójstwo-red.] it got away – he admitted.

– Unfortunately, the media narrative about Meredith coincided with the version presented by investigators. In addition, journalists brought out the intimate details of our lives, it was unnecessary – he emphasized. – Like what? the journalist asked. -For example, why talk about how many boyfriends Amanda has had in the past? Sollecito asked rhetorically.

On November 3, ten years passed since Knox and Sollecito were finally acquitted. “For a long time, I had problems in the workplace where people associated me with the Meredith tragedy. However, I managed to go further and today I am an employee of a large IT company based in Milan. After all, I am an ordinary “Sollecito engineer” – he confessed in an interview with the Italian news agency ANSA.

Ciao amore

“This long interview with Amanda, who is currently expecting a baby and living in Seattle, is a document that Italian TV has not shown yet, something really special,” said Nicola Savino, an Italian radio journalist, summing up Friday’s show.

When it comes to pregnancy, she is not entirely right. Amanda Knox recently became a mom. The delivery took place already in the summer, but for some, the fact of the birth of the baby could have missed, because Knox herself kept it a secret for several months. She only announced it in an interview with the New York Times, which appeared on the tenth anniversary of her release from an Italian prison.

Amanda’s daughter, Eureka Muse, was born in August. Although the future parents detailed the course of the pregnancy in social media, they did not inform about the birth of the girl. Knox, 34, met with Jessica Bennett, a New York Times journalist, at her home in Seattle, where she comes from and where she currently lives with her husband and three cats.

Knox admitted that she did not want to inform about the birth of her daughter for the sake of her. As she argued, she cares about privacy. “I’m still afraid the paparazzi will jump on our heads,” she added. The NYT journalist did not miss the fact that Amanda Knox looked sleepy but happy and sometimes spoke to the child in Italian. “Ciao amore” [“Cześć, kochanie” – przyp. red.] – she said.

A few hours after publishing the interview on the Internet, Knox added a post with a photo of the child, noting at the same time that it would be the only photo of Eureka that she would post on social media.

“Since my acquittal, I have fought to regain my identity and protect the people I love from curious tabloids. (…) I know that I am not able to 100% protect my daughters from the kind of treatment I experienced, but I will do my best (…) “- she announced.

Podcasts, novels, documentary

In an interview, Knox also told the journalist what she is currently doing and what plans she has for the future. Her husband, Christopher Robinson, 39, is a novelist and poet. Together they create a podcast called “Labyrinths”, where they talk about their life and relationships in marriage, and Robinson is working on two additional books.

“Another idea is a document that would tell about Knox’s relationship with the Italian prosecutor – Giuliano Mignini, Italian from birth living in Perugia [to miasto, gdzie 1 listopada 2007 roku zamordowano Meredith Kercher, ówczesną współlokatorkę Amandy – red.]. Throughout the trial, Mignini portrayed Knox as a sex addict who killed her friend out of revenge for spoiling her fun. Although there were no traces of her DNA at the crime scene, the prosecutor maintained that Knox must be involved in the murder because only a woman would be able to cover the body with a sheet, “the New York Times article reads.

Amanda shortly after arriving in Milan in 2019. She visited Italy for the first time since she was released from prisonDaniel Dal Zennaro / EPA / PAP

During Knox’s last visit to Italy, she handed him a letter of cooperation, which she wrote personally in Italian. Though he hesitated for several months, he finally replied, is open to cooperation and has corresponded regularly since then. “Amanda hopes to meet and record their conversation,” writes the journalist.

Prosecutor Mignini is now finalizing his book on the Meredith homicide, due out next year.

Dozens of stab wounds

Meredith Kercher, a British student, was brutally murdered on November 1, 2007 in Perugia, Italy. She was inflicted several dozen stab wounds. Initially, investigators found that she had died during a sexually explicit group play that was about to get out of hand.

Amanda Knox was the girl’s roommate at the time. Investigators accused her and her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of the assault and murder of Kercher. An Italian court found them guilty and sentenced them to 25 years in prison for Raffaele, 26 years for Amanda (a year more – for making false statements). In 2011, the couple were acquitted and Amanda Knox was allowed to return home to the United States. In 2013, the trial resumed because the Supreme Court decided that there was too much ambiguity in the evidence, and there were also doubts about Knox’s controversial testimony. She was sentenced again: Raffaele was sentenced to 25 years in prison to 28.5 years in prison. It was only in 2015 that they were finally acquitted and cleared of all charges by the Italian Court of Cassation.

According to the evidence, the only person who could be linked to the murder was Rudy Guede, the boy whose fingerprints were found on Kercher’s body. Guede admitted that they had spent the evening together and that there had been an intercourse between them, but he firmly denied the assault and murder. The court did not believe it – it sentenced him to 30 years in prison. Following the appeal, the sentence was reduced to 16 years.

– I don’t know this man. I can only say what I know. I know he killed Meredith and he pleads not guilty by pointing a finger at me and my boyfriend at the time. All findings and evidence point in his direction, Amanda reminded in Friday’s interview with Italian television.

Guede left the prison early in December 2020. By March 2022, Guede will be doing the remainder of his sentence as part of community service.

Archival photo, Amanda Knox leaving Italian courtWikimedia CC 3.0

NY Times, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Le Iene

Main photo source: Elisabetta Baracchi / EPA / PAP

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