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It’s time to start changing. Activists for LGBT rights met with opposition MPs

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Regardless of how the ministries will be divided, it is already possible to determine what for so many people would mean simply changing their lives for the better, almost immediately. Representatives of the LGBT community met with MPs from the emerging coalition and talked about what they think should start with and what is a plan for later.

Social activists called it the “First Aid Package”. These are the demands that – in their opinion – are most important for LGBT people today. This is a kind of revolution. Representatives of nearly 50 organizations have never met MPs from the parties forming the new government coalition. – We were surprised that people were willing to listen to us – says Bart Staszewski, president of the BASTA Foundation. The MPs heard that they should immediately: change the Penal Code and punish hate speech, depoliticize public media and stop financing organizations spreading hate. – We cannot imagine that these matters, which are so important to us, would be handled without our consent, without our participation – admits Arek Kluk, president of the Stonewall Group association.

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The first positive responses have already come from the Sejm. It seems that there will be complete agreement among the parties forming the majority. – Hate speech must be ended and this must be done immediately – emphasizes Katarzyna Karpa-Świderek, spokeswoman for Poland 2050. – Hate, hatred and contempt towards the LGBT community must be ended immediately – adds Barbara Nowacka from Inicjatywa Polska. The point is for the state to show that there is no consent to violence just because people love each other. So that no one will take their own life because of hate. So that no one will ever witness the mocking statements of politicians, so that no one will hear that he is not human. – This is to protect children against violence, also due to their sexual identity – says Magdalena Biejat from Nowa Lewica.

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Szymon Hołownia about civil partnershipstvn24.pl

Many demands

Meanwhile, government television continues to ooze vitriol against LGBT people. Superintendents are prosecuting principals of schools where Rainbow Friday was organized. – The basic thing, the foundation, is to ensure that hate speech in Poland never reaches such a scale again – says Monika Rosa from Nowoczesna. What’s next? What about civil partnerships, among other things? – We are not giving up on them – assures Bart Staszewski. First, stability and a sense of security, activists say. Immediately afterwards, the demands that have been known for years. – We do not give up our demands. We are talking about what should happen first – adds Bart Staszewski.

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In the campaign, the Left demanded full marriage equality, the Civic Coalition promised civil partnerships, but it was a campaign. Poland 2050 declares support for partnerships. What will PSL do? – Whether it be partnerships or a family agreement, it is worth working today on regulations that will make life easier for Poles – emphasizes Urszula Pasławska from PSL. – We will strive to ensure that this is implemented regardless of whether it is included in the coalition agreement or not – argues Aleksandra Gajewska from PO. Activists say that they will keep an eye on the new government in this matter.

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